We are privileged to serve as missionaries in the country of Ukraine, living in the city of Krivoy Rog. At best, it seems that no more than 2.5% of Ukrainians are true, born again, believers. The need is great!

After Phil was diagnosed with lymphoma in September 2020, with God's help and after chemotherapy, he is now cancer free. We returned home to Ukraine in June 2021. What a joy it was to be back among the people we love!

But now, because of the war there, we are back in the US once again. Please pray for peace in Ukraine, for God to do a miracle, for the church to be bold in sharing about Jesus, and for people to respond to His love in repentance. Thank God that the churches are growing. Revival is breaking out in Ukraine.

We are preparing to move to Warsaw, Poland in August while we wait for the war to end. While it is unknown where we will live, we know that God will provide. At the same time, we are not sure exactly what we will be doing, but we are confident that God will guide us. Plus, we are learning Polish and plan to learn Ukrainian. Even though this move is not our first choice, we are following God there in obedience. Once the war is over, we will plan to return to Ukraine.

Phil is working on Pattern Apps for Ukrainians - one in Ukrainian and the other in Russian. These can be used by anyone who speaks those languages, but we are planning to focus the future Bible studies on topics that correlate to the experiences of the nation of Ukraine. To read more about these apps, click here.

If you feel led to give to Ukraine aid, and to help our pastors and friends there, look here on our giving page. Thanks!

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In His Service!  Phil and Denise Reed